Our Environmental Policy

Realizing the effective use of natural resources and materials;
* To reduce waste and to make it harmless,
* To increase reuse, recycling and recovery,
* To prioritize the environmental factor in planned investments,
We adopt it as our environmental policy to develop the environmental awareness of the employees in the trainings and to continuously improve these issues with an environmentalist understanding.

Being based on this policy,

Our company carries out continuous improvement in order to prevent environmental pollution by taking the necessary measures to prevent harm to the environment and human health.

Our facility has an Environmental Permit on Air Emission and Wastewater Discharge issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Our company aims to reduce waste and use of natural resources, to increase the recycling rate, and to reduce the impact we have on our environment by targeting while carrying out its activities. Wastes that are minimized with the realized improvements are classified in accordance with the Environmental Legislation and sent for appropriate recycling or disposal.

The industrial wastewater generated in our facility is treated in the Wastewater Treatment Plant with a capacity of 2500 m3/day. In order to use natural resources economically and efficiently, thanks to our Treatment Facility, raw material recovery and reuse of treated water are ensured.

In our facility, wet and dry Dust Extraction Systems are used in order to minimize dust emission against air pollution.

Our packaging wastes are stored in accordance with the Environmental Legislation and sent to licensed companies. As a marketer, the certification processes of packaging wastes that we are responsible for collecting are carried out as required by the legislation.