The Story of Fire and Earth Continues


Ceramic can most simply be described as fire-baked earth. The fact that the first ceramic in the history of civilizations was produced in Anatolia shows that it is not a coincidence that we, as Akgüç Seramik, are doing this work. Protecting and maintaining the heritage of our Anatolia is our primary duty. This is where our story begins... Soil is the raw material of ceramics, which has come to this day as the inheritance of centuries, and the most important gift that nature offers us. We set out from the land. We started this adventure in August 1994 with the awareness of protecting our nature, not betraying the blessings it offers us. Akgüç Seramik A.S. production facilities came to life exactly 24 years ago in the Torbalı district of İzmir. Realizing a huge investment in a very short time in six months, it took the first step towards becoming the world wide pride of the Aegean in 1995 on an area of ​​300.000m², 70.000m² of which is closed area. Our company, which produces ceramic floor and wall tiles, is one of the leading names in ceramic production in Turkey with its capacity and has an important role in the sector. This adventure, which has been going on for 24 years, continues with confident steps with the excitement of the first day and the experience of years. While presenting our products, art, science and technology, which are the requirements of civilization, have always been our guide. Our factory, which has increased its success rate over time, continues its production process with a policy that has a sense of responsibility in the field of quality and unconditional success, as a follower of innovations with developing technology and by continuing its investments. It started digital tile production at the end of 2014 in order to best reflect the limitlessness and endless source of inspiration in the world of imagination shaped by the preferences of the consumer. Our company continues its determination to follow the innovations with the developing technology. Our factory, which was renewed in May 2017, continues its production at full speed. Akgüç Seramik, which has never sacrificed the customer satisfaction, service and product quality both in the country and abroad, will continue to carry the ceramics, which are born from the soil and come to life with fire and technology, to the places where you live with the principle of on-time delivery, as far as your imagination can reach.